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The Medicare Open Enrollment Period for 2022 begins Oct 15 – Dec 7.
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There is no charge to use our agent services. The plans are offered by Private Insurance companies.

What is Medicare? Medicare is Health Insurance for the following: Individuals 65 or older, individuals under 65 with certain disabilities, and individuals of any age with End-Stage Renal disease (ERSD).

Medicare Insurance can be confusing. All the insurance vernacular, including various options of Medicare plans can seem overwhelming, and confusing. This is where Ildiko Insurance Advisors comes to your rescue!

Ildiko Insurance Advisors Gets You Through Medicare Red Tape!

Ildiko Insurance Advisors will take the time necessary to help you sort through the seemingly mountain of information and ensure you have a full understanding of the concept of Medicare. More importantly, they guide you through the process to ensure you make the correct choice for you and your financial situation. We are licensed life and health insurance agents personalizing your plans and maintaining compliance.

How To Sign Up For Medicare Health Insurance

Are you aware that no one is allowed to call you on the phone without your prior permission regarding Medicare? 

Medicare plans are determined by zip codes. You will need to revise your Medicare plan if you relocate and change zip codes. This will give you a special enrollment period (SEP), other than an annual enrollment period (AEP) which is from October 15th to December 7th nationwide.

Original Medicare consists of Part A and Part B.  Part A and Part B is supplied through Social Security and if you are receiving Social Security Part B will be taken out of that amount.   Part B is NOT included in a MediGap or MedAdvantage plan.  Supplement (aka MediGap) and MedAdvantage plans are supplied through government-approved insurance companies.

Medicare Part C is the Medicare Advantage plan which is not a separate benefit, but allows private health insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage are HMO or PPO plans offered by private insurance companies. Medicare Part D assists with paying Rx drugs, and also can be run by private insurance companies.

Receiving Your Medicare Insurance Card

To receive your Medicare card, you may go to three months before your Birth month. Upon receiving your Medicare card, you can now pick a plan that works best for you. Or  you have up to 63 days following your birthday to make sure you enroll in Parts A, B and D.  Coverage starts the first day of your Birthday month. SIGN UP EARLY TO AVOID PENALTY.

For answers to many questions check where pamphlets may be ordered as well for further clarification, however our company is here to assist you in person.

Below is the list of Medicare and Supplemental Insurance companies I represent:

  • Ultimate Health Plans (St. Lucie and Indian River County)
  • Prominence (PB County)
  • United Health Care – (under and over age 65)
  • Humana – (under and over age 65)
  • WellCare
  • Cigna
  • Florida Blue – (over 65)
  • Freedom/Optimum
  • Ascension
  • Aetna – (under and over age 65)

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