Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Living Benefits, Accident, Final Expense Insurance, and Estate Planning

Life Insurance

Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance are one of the most valuable asset protection programs to provide for your loved ones as well as to maintain everyone’s quality of life. This is a gift which keeps on giving! Show your family or business that you cared enough to provide for them even after you could not physically be with them. Revised 21st Century “real” life insurance, allows you to access your benefits so you are protecting your financial foundation during your lifetime if you were to become critically or chronically ill. Also, by maintaining the policy through premium payments (that are in your budget) you can be confident that there is not another burden of funeral costs which tend to create further hardship.
There are several different options when it comes to choosing Life Insurance. Ildiko Insurance Advisors are here to help you sort through all the confusion by advising you with the right choice for you and/or your family. No matter what your age or situation, Ildiko Insurance Advisors will assist you with the appropriate plan and most economical terms for your budget.

Term Life Insurance

A Term Life Insurance of policy offers protection for a predetermined, specified length of time. Also may be used as mortgage protection insurance. The usual time frame is 20 years but can even be 40, determined on your age. These policies do not typically accrue cash value and is initially less expensive, however premium amount oftentimes will increase with the age of the insured. Ildiko Insurance Advisors offer a term insurance plan – which the insured has living benefits included such as for critical, chronic or terminal illness.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance has cash accumulation and is a Life Insurance policy which typically offers you the flexible options for amount and which enables you to determine the amount of your premium payments. It is more affordable vehicle than whole life. These amounts can actually be changed throughout periods, as subject to policy guidelines. Your Universal Life Insurance Policy will accrue interest at a rate set by the company. These accumulated funds are tax deferred and can be available during your lifetime through loans and/or withdrawals (against the account).

Estate Planning

This procedure is put into place to guarantee smooth transition of your personal wealth and assets to your heirs. Your Life Insurance can be a large part of your estate, especially as the beneficiary receives their monies totally tax-free and first. While Ildiko Insurance Advisors are here to assist you in making the right insurance decisions for your estate, we are not tax advisors and recommend you also procure the services of a Certified Financial Advisor to be certain your entire estate is built on a solid platform. In that case our company and theirs can all meet together to ensure you and/or your family have the proper plans in place.

Long Term Care Insurance or Critical Illness Insurance

This type of insurance covers custodial care and is designed to relieve the financial burden caused by the need for caregiver services that could result from illness, injury, or simply the onset of advanced aging. While most people think Long term Care is simply intended to cover the expense of assisted living, or nursing home facilities, it actually applies to much more. Lack of Long Term care Insurance could be the downfall of even the best thought out retirement strategy. Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy will guarantee you and your family are not over burdened by a sudden loss of income due to illness or accident. Ildiko Insurance Advisors are here to assist in making the correct decisions when choosing Disability and/or Long Term Care Insurance.

Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy will guarantee you and your family are not over burdened by a sudden loss income due to illness or accident. Ildiko Insurance Advisors are here for you to assist in making the right decision when choosing Long Term Care Insurance.

Long Term Care encompasses a huge array of services that may be required in the event of accident, illness, or simply growing older. Please note that Medicare or your Health Insurance usually has no provisions for Long Term Care.

Four main categories encompassed by Long Term Care Insurance are:

  • Home Health Care
  • Community Care
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes

Disability Insurance

Who will pay your bills in case of serious illness or injury if you can’t work? As we all do not like to think about such things happening in our lives we must be pro-active and ensure that we make arrangements and preparations in the likelihood that such things can and do happen in many people’s lives. Let us help you understand all the options that are available in such cases for disability insurance.

Use our handy Calculate Your Needs disability insurance calculator to see just how much money you or your loved ones would require to replace a paycheck or retirement income.

Living Benefits

What is a Living Benefit?

American National’s Living Benefits are Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs) which provide the potential to receive a partial or full accelerated life insurance benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying medical condition.

  • Partial Acceleration is paid in lieu of a portion of the policy’s death benefit. Multiple partial benefits are available if a partial benefit is taken. For example if 25% of the death benefit is accelerated, 75% of the death benefit would remain and could be accessed later, if needed.
  • Full Acceleration is paid in lieu of the policy’s death benefit. In the case of a full acceleration, the policy will be terminated after acceleration is paid.

The Accelerated Benefit Riders may provide funds when they are needed to help at a critical time and help protect the money your client has saved for retirement and other life needs.

Protection with No Additional Premium

The riders are offered at no additional premium. However, the accelerated payment will be less than the requested death benefit because it will be reduced by an actuarial discount and an administrative fee of up to $500. The amount of the reduction is primarily dependent on American National’s determination of the insured’s life expectancy at the time of election. The accelerated payment is limited to $2,000,000 for ages up to 65 and $1,000,000 for ages 66+.

The Accelerated Benefit Riders Cover Three Types of Illnesses

  • Terminal Illness – provides for the payment of an accelerated benefit if an eligible insured has an illness or chronic condition that is expected to result in Death Within 24 Months.
  • Critical Illness – provides for the payment of an accelerated benefit if an eligible insured experiences a critical illness. Covered critical illness includes 16 Different Illnesses (13 in California). Not available in New York.
  •  Chronic Illness – provides for the payment of an accelerated benefit if an eligible insured is unable to perform two out of six activities of daily living  (2 of 6 ADLs) or experiences severe cognitive impairment.

Let us help you choose the Life Insurance coverage that is right for you.